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School Uniform Policy

Every child at Longlands is expected to be correctly dressed for school. Uniform can be purchased through Mapac:

All items must be clearly named!

Girl's Uniform Girls’ Uniform

  • Grey skirt, pinafore or trousers
  • Yellow and white striped or check cotton dresses
  • White or gold polo shirt or white shirt
  • Black sweatshirt, jumper or cardigan with or without logo
  • Optional black Longlands fleece

Boys' Uniform

Boys Uniform

  • Grey trousers or shorts
  • White or gold polo shirt or white shirt
  • Black sweatshirt, jumper or cardigan with or without logo
  • Optional black Longlands fleece

Children’s Shoes

School uniform shoes for the autumn and spring terms should be black.  In the Summer term black or white sandals may be worn.  These should have closed in toes. Only low-heeled shoes should be worn at school. Trainers, boots, Ugg style boots and ballet style slip-ons should not be worn.

Nursery and Reception Children should keep a pair of wellies in the Foundation Unit during the winter months for outside play.

PE Kit – Girls / Boys

  • Gold round neck T-Shirt
  • Black shorts
  • Plimsolls or trainers
  • Sports or trainer socks.
  • A tracksuit or dark coloured joggers should be provided in cold weather

PE Kit must be stored in a drawstring bag and kept in school at all times, as activities and lessons are sometimes arranged at short notice, particularly in order to take advantage of good weather.

Cold Weather Clothing

Please provide adequate clothing for playing outside in cold weather.  This is particularly important if your children arrive by car. Please bear in mind that although hats and gloves may seem unnecessary for a car journey, they are very welcome on the playground on a cold frosty day. Please remember that Spring mornings can be cold and coats may still be needed for morning break even if it is forecast to warm up later in the day.

Children are seldom kept indoors. Please do not send your child to school without a coat unless the weather is sure to be warm all day!


Hair that is shoulder length or below must be tied back, whether on boys or girls.  We do not allow extreme hair styles as they are distracting.  This includes stripes/shapes shaved into hair, Mohicans, spikes, coloured hair etc. gel and similar products are not permitted.


No make-up is to be worn to school, including nail varnish.  Your child will be asked to remove any make-up worn.


No jewellery may be worn to school, other than a plain watch, which must be removed for PE)  We cannot take responsibility for watches (or other jewellery) lost.

For the first six weeks after ears are pierced, earrings should be covered with plasters or tape.  Earrings may only be worn after this period providing they are studs. No loops or drop earrings allowed.  The beginning of the Summer holiday is the best time to get ears pierced.