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Ethos & Values

At Longlands we are passionate about teaching and learning and are proud of the all-round high standards we achieve. Not only do we aim for excellence, but also we try to ensure that pupils and staff thoroughly enjoy what we do in our school. We work at all times towards our agreed mission statement and aims as follows:

“Onwards and Upwards!”

Aims of Our School

  • To educate the ’whole’ child, by this we mean that we care not only about what your child learns, but also about the kind of person they  become.
  • To provide a welcoming, caring environment, in which children feel secure, valued and happy.
  • To provide an enjoyable, stimulating environment which promotes creative learning.
  • To educate children as individuals by providing them with opportunities to build on their personal strengths, in order that they become confident lifelong learners.
  • To challenge and support each child, celebrating their achievements along the way in order that they achieve their full potential.
  • To develop positive relationships that encourage a sense of pride in themselves, their work, their school and their community.
  • To promote good manners, courtesy, respect and the highest possible standards of behaviour.