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Yr2 Art

Year 2 enjoyed colour mixing in Art!

Creative Writing Day

On 21st June, Longlands took part in National Creative Writing day where they wrote, edited and published their own stories, poems and non-fiction texts to share with their paired reading partners this week. They all enjoyed listening to each other and reading their work aloud.

Rapid Fire Cricket

Year 3 and 4 attended a Rapid-Fire Cricket tournament. We played against another school and did really well working together as a team! We came second and congratulated the winners for a good game.

Yr4 Whipsnade Zoo

Year 4 enjoyed a sunny day out at Whipsnade Zoo to explore animals in their habitats. We learned about the different kinds of mammals, birds, fish and insects. We walked over 13,000 steps around the entire park!    

PGL residential trip

The children have safely arrived and are having a great time! Here are a few photos from their PGL activity this afternoon.

Yr2 Stansted MountFitchet trip

Year 2 had a fantastic time at Stansted Mountfitchet castle and the toy museum. They loved exploring the castle and enjoyed old and new toys. The children were brilliantly behaved – well done everyone!

Yr2 Toy Workshop

Hertford Museum visited Yr2 and let them explore and play with toys from the past!

Yr6 WW1 History Workshop

The children asked lots of interesting questions about WW1 and found out about Alfred Burt a Hertford hero in WW1. They looked at artefacts and found out new fact.

Yr4 Egyptian Workshop

On Friday, Year 4 took part in a workshop around the ancient Egyptians. We made crafts, learned about the Nile river and took part in a festival for a Pharaoh.

Yr2 Computing

Yr2 have worked hard creating digital drawings on the iPads and copying them onto paper, well done!