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Yr3 Science

We explored friction on different surfaces.

Yr6 Stitching

Yr 6 have been mastering stitching in class!

Yr3 Mad Science

Yr3 enjoyed their Mad Science workshop!

Yr5 Walk

Yr5 went on a trip in the local area to conduct fieldwork for Geography.

Yr6 Viking Day

Yr6 enjoyed a brilliant Viking Day Workshop!

Yrs3&4 Sports Day

Years 3 and 4 enjoyed Sports Day!

Yr5 Sports Day

Yr5 sprint final and obstacle course on Sports Day!

Yr6 Sports Day

Yr6 sprint race on Sports Day!

Yr5 Science

We have looked at volcanoes, earthquakes & natural disasters.

Yr6 Mariners Base

Yr 6 had a fantastic day at Herts Young Mariners Base!